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cat university
2011-February 2015: Computer Engineering Degree Student
2007-2011: Computer Engineering Student

cat languages
Spanish: Native language
- Advanced degree in the Official Languaje School "Fernando Lázaro Carreter" in Zaragoza, July 2009
- Trinity College London Spoken English grade 7, University of Hull, July 2007
- Three weeks spent in the University of Hull, July 2007

cat sysadmin
Linux Foundation Certified Engineer, February 2015 (certificate)
Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator, August 2014 (certificate)

Linux System Administration Course, University of Barcelona, February 2011
- Shell Scripting
- Filesystem managing, Raid, LVM, distributed file systems, cluster file systems
- Server and network installation, configuration, management and deployment
- Server management: OpenSSH, MySQL, mail, Apache, DHCP, LDAP, Proxy, NTP, SSL/TLS encryption
- High Availability Clustering and Load Balancing, Heartbeat
- Local area network services, virtualization, monitoring tools

cat certifications
Ecommerce Course (Google + Escuela de Organización Industrial), April 2016 (certificate)
Web Analytics Course (Google + Escuela de Organización Industrial), April 2016 (certificate)
Personal Productivity Course in the Digital Age (Google + Fundación Santa María la Real), March 2016 (certificate)
Software as a Service certificate (edX BerkeleyX), November 2012 (a course of study initiative of The University of California at Berkeley)

cat experience
April 2014-September 2014: Internship at GeoSpatiumLab S.L.
- Linux server management and Linux Virtualization: KVM, VMware vSphere
- Several services management: Apache2 web server, OpenVPN, OpenLDAP, ProFTPD, SVN, Bacula, rdiff-backup, Nagios, OCS Inventory, MySQL, Oracle, Samba
- Windows server management

January 2013-September 2015: Co-founder at Prototyp3D
- 3D printing, 3D printer and laser cutter building and automation
- A bit of system administration (focused on Raspberry Pi)
- Collaboration in some 3D printing software development projects (Octoprint, OctoScript)

2008-present: System Administrator Scholarship Holder at Numerical Fluid Dynamics group at the University of Zaragoza
- Server installation, configuration and maintenance
- Network design and deployment
- Computing Cluster management

2008-2014: Scholarship Holder (2008 - May 2012) and employee (June 2012 - February 2014) at Fluid Mechanics Group at the University of Zaragoza
- Network design and deployment
- Server installation, configuration and maintenance
- Maintenance and troubleshooting of staff workstations
- Web design, CMS customization, setting up and management
- Various computer systems maintenance (Linux + Windows)

2007-2014: Web developer at ISC
- See my portfolio
- Web design
- Web development (HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript(jQuery))
- Web design and CMS setting up and management (Drupal, Wordpress, OpenKM)
- Linux Web hosting system administration

cat experience
February 2015-present: System administrator at Funiglobal.com
- Amazon Web Services
- Google Compute Engine
- Development and tests of web platform
- Performance, reliability, availability
- Implantation of SSL encryption

April 2016-August 2017: Co-founder at Mierding.com
Business experiment, involving almost everything an e-commerce startup needs, in a small manageable scale. Just having some fun selling something funny.
Involving Business strategy, System Administration, Purchasing management, SEO, marketing online, Design, Logistics, International Trading

March 2017-present: Co-founder at Caphunters.com
- Business strategy, System Administration, Purchasing management
- SEO, marketing online
- Design
- Logistics
- International Trading

cat ISC
Registry Manager (October 2008 - present). ISC is a Junior Enterprise. It's an association which is managed by students, intended to
bring corporate world to students.

cat Púlsar
President (September 2007 - present). Púlsar is the Free Sofware Associacion in the University of Zaragoza.
Certificate of recognition of distinguished service (November 2012).

cat ZaraDom
Co-founder (June 2012 - August 2013). It was born as a business project related to home automation.

cat arduino
Arduino freak
- Winner at First Libelium Free Hardware contest with Valentín Plugaru in "Life Hacks" category
- Organized and taught an Arduino Workshop in December 2011

cat OpenStreetMap
Contributor at OpenStreetMap project

cat RepRap
Involved in CloneWars project and RepRap project.
Have some homemade 3D printers (some photos).
This started in July 2012 just as a hobby, it just (January 2013) become an Start-Up enterprise (Prototyp3D)
May The Clone Be With You developer. Hosted it on Amazon Web Services for learning purposes.
Co-designed and produced a 3D printer nozzle.

cat personalProjects
- HiFi three-way sealed box baffles and amplifier
- Homemade Android-APP-controlled domotic system (must release doc some day)
- Development of a custom 3D printer: ArcadePrinter